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Thank you so much for visiting our school webpage!!!!


We have been overwhelmed with goodness and kindness from all over the country, and are so grateful to the Ellen Show, and to the many people who were moved by Ms. Sonya's story and want to lend a hand. We have been inordinately gifted by Ellen and by Target, and encourage you to share with your own local schools. Our situation is not a unique one; Teachers all over the country spend countless dollars of their own on their students, children arrive at school without supplies or having been adequately fed, and school clothing banks struggle to meet demand.


In Albuquerque, a wonderful resource for sharing clothing or other donations is our APS Clothing Bank (http://www.aps.edu/community/clothing-bank). The APS Education Foundation supports children, teachers, and schools with arts education, science/technology/math (STEM) projects, scholarships, and support (http://www.aps.edu/education-foundation). To donate money for Lew Wallace Elementary, you can find our "donate" link on our main page. 


Thank you for caring about kids, teachers, and education!


Anne Marie Strangio , Principal



Posted by: Mike Suarez Published:3/19/15
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