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A.P.S. Electronic Device Policy: Albuquerque Public Schools shall permit student possession of personal electronic devices on all district property. These devices shall be kept out of sight and silenced or powered off during the instructional day. Please share this information with your child if they have your permission to bring their cell phone to school. If your child chooses not to follow this policy, you may need to pick up their phone from their classroom teacher or the office.


The children of Lew Wallace Elementary School will meet their world with vision, clarity and purpose.


The children of Lew Wallace Elementary School will:

  • respect themselves, others, and the environment.
  • think critically and creatively.
  • take responsibility for actions and learning.
  • reach their highest potential.
  • contribute positively to the lives of others.


Hallway Rules

  1. Walk on the right side of the hallway.
  2. Walk quietly (no talking) in a single line.
  3. Observe your space: keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  4. Yield to others who need to pass you.
  5. Backpacks should be worn on your backs.
  6. A hall pass is required when not with an adult. This is especially important before school.

Wells Park & Bus Rules

  1. Walk safely to the waiting bus OR wait in line calmly.
  2. Observe your space: keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  3. Respect yourself and others: no screaming or yelling.
  4. Do not go outside the gate area without permission from a LWES staff member.
  5. Board the bus or Wells Park van one at a time.
  6. Follow the driver’s instructions.
  7. No playing on the bus or van. Stay seated at all times.
  8. Wells Park students: listen for instructions from the duty teacher if it is necessary to wait for another van.

Fire Drills

A.P.S requires that each school conduct a fire drill once a week for the first month of school and then one per month for the following months.

During a fire drill:

  • Students will assemble at a designated location, a safe distance from the school.
  • Teachers will take attendance immediately to make sure that no students are missing.
  • Students will re-enter the building when the “return to building” signal is sounded.

Students are expected to follow these procedures during fire drills:

  1. Exit classroom/building following the mapped route.
  2. Walk in a single file, never run.
  3. Observe your space: Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  4. No talking.
  5. Respond to roll call.
  6. Wait for bells to return to class.
  7. Walk without talking in a single file line back to class.

Cafeteria Rules

  1. Walk into the cafeteria quietly, single file.
  2. Talk softly only to people nearest you.
  3. Observe your space: keep hands, feet and food to yourself.
  4. Use table manners while eating.
  5. Dispose of food, tray and trash appropriately.
  6. Clean up after yourself.
  7. Listen for teacher instructions.
  8. All food stays in the cafeteria.

These rules apply at breakfast and lunch!

Playground Rules

  1. Stay on playground or designated area.
  2. No play-fighting.
  3. Use all playground equipment / areas safely.
  4. Play safely and fairly.
  5. When the bell rings, stop playing and line up at your classes designated area.

Your teacher will share the appropriate ways to use the equipment on the playground.

Assembly Rules

  1. Walk in a single file line to your destination.
  2. Listen for instructions.
  3. Observe your space: keep hands and feet to yourself.
  4. Talk quietly – only to the people nearest to you and never during the assembly.
  5. Sit on your bottoms so that others sitting behind you can see.
  6. Listen attentively to the presentation.
  7. No talking during performance or presentation.