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Please Drive Safely and Courteously

If we all work together, we can reduce frustration and keep our children safe!

Parking & Parent Pick-up

Parking Map

Lew Wallace’s traffic and parking situation is difficult for everyone. Traffic congestion before and after school can be somewhat frustrating. We ask that you practice common courtesy and common sense when picking up or dropping off your child(ren). Other ways to make our traffic situation more bearable are:

  • Pick up your children in the designated areas. If you have students in both the primary and intermediate grades, your intermediate child should pick up their younger sibling and meet you on 7th Street.
  • Kindergarten parents need to observe the Wells Park & Bus loading zone. Please do not park in the yellow zone.
  • Please do not block other cars while waiting for your child. If your child is not at the pick-up area, continue driving around the block until they arrive at their designated area.
  • Please do not encourage your children to run in between waiting cars when you are parked across the street. We ask that you exit your car and meet them at the pick-up area. This will allow you to help them cross the street safely.